Vapor Couture VC 6-Flavor Sampler

I recently got the Vapor Couture 6-Flavor Sampler using one of these great Vapor Couture coupons. This sampler set is not just attractive right out of the packaging, it really lets you sample all of the flavors. The casings stand out as the first thing you notice. Great colors and stylish designs. The random assortment is actually a nice touch because you get a great collection. It was also great to be able to pick the nicotine strength because I am using these to wean off of nicotine and so I was able to get a good in between strength for me. But, this set comes in higher and even no nicotine levels too so that would work for just about everybody.

Vapor Couture Coupon CodeThe flavors in the set are really great. You get one of each of the six flavors. The first one I tried was called Bombshell and this has a smooth and rich taste like a traditional cigarette but more like a light one. Then I moved to Rodeo Drive and this was a hearty and truly full bodied tobacco flavor and taste and I found it very realistic. Next up I had to try the Fresh Mint as I was a menthol smoker for years and found this to be slightly sweeter but still spot on in terms of a great menthol and mint taste that too was on the lighter side. Arctic Mint gave me the feeling of smoking a regular strength menthol cigarette and the coolness was refreshing. Once I got through those standard flavors I am more accustomed to, I moved on to try the other flavors and I am glad I did because I think I will now be able to expand my collection because I had that chance to try them all out before buying them in larger packs.

I think the one called Strawberry Champagne stood out to me as something light and airy. Not a heavy taste and the hint of strawberry mixed well with the light tobacco taste. I could see using this after dinner or when relaxing with a glass of wine at night. Passion Fruit was the flavor I was a bit scared to try because I am not a big fan of the fruit. It was a good and fruity one though and seems really perfect for summertime.