A Friend In Deed: Companion Escorting

Kathy has finally become a grandmother. She holds the little bundle, not even three days old, and her heart swells with love for the sleeping infant. Her first grandchild is a darling little boy, with delightfully chubby cheeks and a whips or two of blond hair. It is a joyous occasion for the whole family, but it is an incredibly precious moment for Kathy.

Cameron has finally made it to Brazil

Today he is on a guided tour, walking on rope bridge hundreds of feet up, snapping shots of the canopy. He is lucky enough to catch a hummingbird at a flower with his slow motion capture. He has never been so excited, awestruck, or impressed in all his life. He spent his whole life looking at pictures, and now he is thrilled to be the one taking them. This trip will always be unforgettable and most certainly a dream come true.

Wendy sits in the center of the house enjoying her favorite opera live, a once in a lifetime opportunity. She made the thousand mile journey to New York on her first plane ride ever and anticipated it to be the highlight of her summer. As she watches the protagonist’s romance and she feels her heart flutter, watches the betrayal and she feels the same defeat. She experiences the triumph of the fight for honor and throne when the villain dies. When the curtains close at http://www.theamberbowen.com/, she rises to her feet with the rest of the audience for a standing ovation. This moment is definitively the highlight of her young life.

Kathy’s special moment, Cameron’s unforgettable photo op, and Wendy’s Broadway dream were all made possible by travel companion escorts. Kathy lives two states away from her family in an assisted living home. She requires medical care that her family could not have provided to her. Her travel companion escort was able to take care of her needs. Cameron knows nothing of the Portuguese language and wouldn’t have felt safe making the journey on his own. His travel companion escort is fluent, a nature photographer enthusiast, and knows the culture well. Wendy suffers from social anxieties that would’ve prevented her from making the once in a lifetime show. Her travel companion escort made it possible for her make the journey to New York and enjoy the rare opportunity.

So what exactly is a “travel companion escort”? They are a friend, a carer, an interpreter, a fellow enthusiast, a navigator, a cheerleader, an extra pair of eyes and ears.