A Brief History

The industry of companion escorting was born out of the practical need for garnering better travel prices and having another pair of eyes to look out for the occasional pickpocket and someone else to carry the heavier trunks of luggage.

The industry’s origins can be traced back to Europe in the early 1980s. It has since grown from only being something for the savvier traveler looking for a couple’s deal on train tickets to being a component of personal care industry. This industry is now very much diversified to cater to the needs of anyone who may need a plus one while on the go.

The Industry Today

Travel companion services can work to restore independence and facilitate mobility, and allow for those in need to be able to do all the things they want to do. The industry does still retain much of its original function. It allows for anyone to be able to have a built-in support system against the inherent hazards of travel.

From missing a flight on accident, a missing bag, getting lost, encountering less than pleasant people, which can be very jarring for those making a solo journey. While those things are simply apart of our everyday daily lives, the companion escorting industry reduces stressors of this kind and allows for those traveling to focus on the excitement of adventure, rather than the ordeal of the journey.

Considering our vulnerable communities, companion escorting also has developed in a way that supports those in these situations as well. Such communities may include the elderly or those with health concerns in general; the travel companion industry is well equipped to make their travels possible.

Now that we’ve discussed the origins of the industry, what it is now in its present state and general services provided, let’s expand on what the travel care industry offers and for whom.


The travel companion industry focuses towards providing companionship for those who need it. Whether you’re single, a grandma who can’t quite make the journey on your own, a ball of nerves who wants to go to Canada or even just the next state over, the travel companion industry looks to provide just that. A companion, just like sweet amber bowen. People who will have your back and anything else you may need and you get to enjoy your life just that much more and do all the things you want to do.